Hello hope that everyone is having a SUPER year so far. We are having a great year our last three issue were all hits. We brought you an array of issues so far but the best is yet to come. The staff is working hard to put together a FASHIOM ISSUE to knock your socks off. We  have designers from all over the US submitting editorials for us to look over. The basis of our publication is to provide Independent creative people a platform to showcase their work. In order to keep you excited about our bi monthly issues, we decided to create what we like to call a monthly pull out. These magazines will follow the same formula as the other but we will be able to focus more on individual elements. We will be able to do a complete issue on MUSIC, FASHION, ART AND EDUCATION we also have a full issue on MODELS coming up. We want to provide you with more than just a good read and some nice images substance is it. We conducted a model casting in Chattanooga, Tn and Huntsville, AL during the past few months. The goal was to find some un discovered gems to expose to the modeling world. We have created a slide show of images from our music issue and the up coming pull out with the new R&B group HAVOC JONES on the cover. This issue should be out by the time this post is added. Check out the images and as usual please provide us with your feed back.

Thanks again for your continued support,

Rodney Simpson

co-Editor and Chief

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