Indy Artist Showcase at Opera Night Club, ATL GA: Check ALL DATES

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Pop Culture Clothing  presents

 Street Dreams  Showcase and  Visual Mixtape 

Independent Guerilla RDiss Series

 Date: August 12, 2015

 Location: Opera Night Club

 1150 Crescent Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30309

Branded Vendors

 Featured Performances

 Opening Showcase Acts

 Live art installations

Whether you dream of escaping, glorifying, or representing the streets, we all live out our dreams in the same place: in the streets. In the streets are where ambitions brew, where seeds of the “hard knock life” are sown…fueled not only by a desire to want more, but a yearning to create more.

On Wednesday August 12, 2015,Pop Culture Clothing,
, will prsent Street Dreams Independent Rdiss Series at Opera Night Club (located at 1150 Crescent Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30309). The Show will feature an
independent showcase celebrating artists who have created their own lane in art, music, and fashion, entitled, “Street Dreams”.

The Showcase offers a visual and musical interpretation on how today’s artist in pop culture have defied the mainstream, and overcome the politics of the streets only to realize their own “Street Dreams” through organic and authentic appreciation for artistic expression.

In addition to opening acts, the lineup also includes featured artist (TBA). Special visual art will feature both local and national talent. Guests of this event can expect entertainment while being inspired by original works of art, thought‐provoking live installations, as well as live performances.

It’s never an easy process for one to realize his or her dream. It takes hard work, dedication and persistence. What began as an earnest dream, to exhbit and showcase, manifested into an series of shows inspired by the independent artist drive to develop a platform expand there brand and reach. The amount of passion, dedication, and artistic expression that our network of creatives display has turned our “Street Dream” into reality.

Join our network as we debuts the Street Dreams Mixtape and Showcase on August 12, 2015 and let us show you how we live out our Street Dreams.

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