Jason Geter’s ( Striversrow) Adventures of Vintage America

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Atlanta fashion and cultural scene embraced Jason Geter, CEO of Striversrow during his show room opening coining it “Adventures of Vintage America”. The name alone rings bells about historical dates and imagery that develop a since of proud that our nation’s foundation was built . Popular Culture highlights iconic figures, brands and facilities offend forgetting the environment from which it originated, giving it the authentic essence that it transpires. Furthermore, the journey that one takes to gather ideas eventually ending in a product or services form, that individuals critique. AVA (Adventures of Vintage America) embodies elements of life happenings from the early 1900′s to now, that include live entertainment, sports, natural resources, and regular house whole goods that were use  daily. The evening at AVA was filled with celebrities, established designers, multiple levels of creatives, promoters and any other type of person that you would expect to see from such an astute brand. In the main area holding, you could see the like’s of hip hop rapper T.I and family laughing enjoying the prestigious atmosphere and in the draft room  you could catch Jason with the entire marketing and creative team taking group pictures.  The showroom mood was very calming, those among the crowd were drinking cocktails, eating horderves, just enjoying the moment with like minds. And Let’s not forget about the clothing!! Each hand crafted garment was put together with attention to detail. Known for their denim apparel Strivers Row opened up the market using different fabrics such as flannels with leathers, pushing the envelop on urban fashion. The clothing was seamlessly embedded with in the overall decor of the showroom as if you were in the top jockeys closet. With there being so many different aesthetically pleasing visuals surrounding you from hardwood floors to vintage gas signs, I think it’s safe to say that it’s quite the Adventure of Vintage America walking through Strivers Row showroom floor!!

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By William M Floyd




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