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GOOD MORNING AROUND THE WORLD keeping up with our platform of exposing new creatives. We are  taking on a new ventures in film and more. We have a lot of super creative people that work with us and we make it our business to assist them with revealing their talents to the world. The journey for film makers isn”t easy but we as casino online a team are going  to make it smoother for one of our own. Travis Christian is a great photographer and videographer he has shot all over the world and he now calls Atlanta home. He has just finished up his first short film entitled GIFT AND CURSE. I will not give away the plot or the ending but its deep. The movie has a simple plot with a very diverse cast of characters and scenes.  Check out the trailer and please leave us your feedback we are currently in production of our first full feature of DRAW A LINE.

Abbagail Holtz


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