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ATLANTA, Ga. — Reinventing the standard Fashion and Art magazine, F.A.M.E. The Experience Magazine will launch bringing forth new elements of Fashion, Art, Music, and Education in digital, print and live form.


F.A.M.E The Experience magazine was birthed from the powerful triad formed when Rodney Simpson creator of F.A.M.E The Experience tour and Design professional William Floyd joined forces. This magazine will feature emerging talent in fashion, music, art and education. Floyd will hold down the Art aspects with some new and inventive ways to view art from around the world and Simpson will be your guide thru the Music section by providing information on the business from a insiders point of view.

“The purpose of F.A.M.E. The Experience magazine is to bring attention to the educational aspects of the Entertainment industry, as well as provide knowledge for people who want to take charge of their own career or serve in a business capacity.” – Simpson


With a team of writers and contributors running the gamut from music industry veterans and fashion models, to renowned artists, celebrity stylists and designers, F.A.M.E. the Experience Magazine will examine the influences that Fashion, Art and Music have on various aspects of life. Each issue will contain eye witness accounts of street art and underground artists, reviews on edgy and artistically inclined restaurants, interviews with industry newcomers, veterans and background personnel. There will introspective topics discussing the impact of current music and fashion trends on physical and emotional health, politics and society. Educational components of these fields will be prominent in every issue. F.A.M.E. the Experience magazine is a monthly digital and print publication, which will also run in conjunction with Perfect Culture, a monthly event showcasing some of the talent displayed in the monthly issue.













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Founder of  Rodney Simpson,

Founder of William Floyd,

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